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20 flu-related hospitalizations so far in October

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National Onsite Corporate Flu Shot Services

Welcome to Flu Shots For You. The best time to get a flu shot is October through December, before you feel flu symptoms. We offer the convenience of a medical professional coming to your office to offer flu shots to your entire staff. Companies are taking advantage of our onsite services to save money as well as employee time by setting up a corporate flu shot day. Browse our web site for information and when you are ready request a free quote.


Why offer flu shots to your employees?

  • You can save about $150 per employee per year in sick leave!
  • You can reduce absenteeism by as much as 45%. Employees sick with the flu miss an average of 2.8 days of work per season.
  • You can save on lost production time.
  • You can show employees how important they are by giving them an added benefit at the workplace.

Online Scheduling

Simply have your employees signup for their flu shot a few weeks prior to your clinic for an efficient, smooth process on flu shot day.  Put your HR department at ease knowing that we take care of all aspects of your flu shot clinic from setup/cleanup to scheduling and marketing materials.


How does the flu shot work?

Once you get the shot it takes about 2 weeks for your immunity to build up and the vaccine protects you for approximately 3 months thereafter. You only need one flu shot per year.


Why Midland Health™ for Corporate Flu Shots?

If you have at least 30 employees who are interested in flu shots you will have enough to do an on site clinic. The more people you have the more cost effective our services. If you have a very small group, consider teaming up with another local business or invite spouses to attend. We have technicians' nation wide to administer injections in all parts of the country. If you have multiple locations we can accommodate you. For additional information on Midland Health please go to


Customized Flu Shot & Corporate Wellness Programs

In addition to flu vaccines, Midland Health offers a complete range of wellness services including health screenings and health fairs, health risk appraisals and coaching programs. Many companies choose to implement a health fair or wellness program at the same time the flu shots are administered. Others prefer to add blood pressure checks or cholesterol testing as part of the flu shot clinic. We customize the program to meet your needs. Please visit our web site for additional services that we offer.


The information contained in this Midland Health web site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and the Midland Health recommends consultation with your doctor or health care professional.

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